IPL 2022: The names of the captains of 2 new teams of IPL 2022 have come to the fore, these 2 legendary players can be the new captains

Two new teams will be added in IPL 2022, its information has already been given.  Also, it is now certain that there will also be two new captains.  In such a situation, reports claim that Rahul and Warner will be given priority.  Why are Rahul and Warner, which teams are ahead, let us know.

Two new IPL teams Lucknow and Ahmedabad

The next edition of IPL seems to be coming with a lot of changes. Indian and IPL cricket fans are going to have a lot of entertainment in IPL 2022. Two new teams will be seen together in IPL. Now there will be a total of 10 teams in the IPL, between which 74 matches will be played. The first team is Manchester Football Club of Lucknow won this team in the auction through an equity share. The team will need a new captain and the entire team. In such a situation, new faces will get a chance to play.

The second team is the Ahmedabad team of Gautam Adani, the owner of Adani Group. This team will also have to bid for the player and the captain in the auction. Let us tell you, so far 8 teams of IPL can retain a total of 4 players. In such a situation, big names of teams will be seen being part of the bidding in the auction.


Will KL Rahul leave Punjab team?

Media reports have claimed that the team of Punjab XI cannot retain Captain KL Rahul. If Rahul comes in the auction, then it is certain that one of the two new teams would like to buy him and make him a part of their team. Along with this, the captaincy will also be handed over. Rahul has scored more than 600 runs in the 2021 season of IPL.

KL Rahul has played 94 IPL matches so far, in which he has scored a total of 3273 runs at an average of 47. Rahul’s 2 centuries and 27 fifties are included in these runs. He is no match as a batsman, but when it comes to captaincy, he has now captained in 27 matches, where he has won only 14 matches. That’s why he could not take his team Punjab to the playoffs.

David Warner may return under the captaincy

Australian batsman David Warner, who was seen captaining for Sunrisers. Kane Williamson was made the captain of the team in his place this season. Warner’s performance as a batsman is excellent. He is the first foreign batsman who has scored the most runs in a single season of IPL. However, this season his bat did not speak according to his name. Nevertheless, if Warner comes in the auction, then the teams would like to make him a part of their team with full force.